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Google Apps


Google Apps

Google Apps

ACU uses Google apps behind a Single Sign-on, which allows you to sign on only once and be authenticated to multiple applications used at ACU, including the following ones that are frequently used:


Your ACU email works similarly as any private Gmail accounts you might have.   You should be able to send, receive, organize your mails using your ACU email.


You can send or receive invitations to events using your Google Calendar.


You can store your files using Google Drive, and share files or folders of files with your colleagues with great ease.


Google Doc allows you to create a document, presentation, form, or spreadsheet online, and share it with others. 


You can create groups for your class (which you can also do in your learning management system, which is probably easier) or other ACU-related organization.   It is easy to communicate and collaborate as a group using the group tool.

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