Media production

ACU is proud to have the Learning Studio to assist you in your video production needs.  We also have  a variety of tools for media production for your teaching needs, for instance,

Audio production:

David Recording Audio

  • You can use Garage Band that comes with your Mac computer to record audio.
  • There are also tools such as Audacity and Adobe Voice that also help you either to produce an audio podcast or to create a narrated digital story.

Video production:

Recording in one-button Studio

  • Producing instructional videos cannot be easier with the devices you probably have. You can use your camera to capture raw video, use iMovie to do some simple editing, and Youtube to store and share your videos to your class.
  • We also strongly recommend that you use the help from the Learning Studio to produce quality video content.  Our state-of-the-art Learning Studio has facilities such as the “one button studio” which makes it  easy to record videos.   If you need to discuss what kind of media format to use, which kind of media works for your particular course, you could also talk to the instructional designers at Adams Center for advice.



  • ACU has Camtasia licenses for you to use to record “screencasting” sessions, namely, video clips of your screen activities.  If you want to share a narrated PowerPoint presentation for your class, for instance, you can use Camtasia to record such sessions.  Check with the Learning Studio for a license when you need it.