Professional Development

Though you may encounter many other opportunities for training and development,  The Adams Center for Teaching and Learning (first floor, Brown Library) will  probably be your most frequently used avenue for professional development.  Here are a few types of services you can get from the Adams Center:

1. Faculty enrichment:

Adams Center frequently provide training workshops throughout the semester.  Speakers may be thought leaders in a particular field, or your peers who have developed a reputation with certain best practices in teaching or research.  You are also invited to volunteer to present at the Adams Center throughout the semester.

2. Instructional design assistance:

Adams Center has a team of instructional designers (Berlin Fang, Amy Boone, and Scott Hamm) that may help you to design or redesign courses or course components.

3. Fellowship opportunities:

Adams Center may sometimes recruit research or teaching fellows, provide funding for certain types of research (such as research related to mobile learning), or connect you to  resources where such opportunities will be available.  Check this page for further information.

4. Other resources:

Adams Center maintains a blog that publishes tips and advice about teaching as well as educational technology. We would also encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog to get further information pushed to you. Check here for help subscribing to an RSS feed. Adams Center also provides links to resources you might find helpful in your professional development.