Canvas LogoACU uses Canvas as the campus-wide learning management system. You can use it to share content, collect and grade assignments, facilitate interactions, and conduct tests. It is a one-stop shop for your teaching needs. Scroll down for information about access, training, help as well as specific tutorials.


The Canvas URL is  You can also find the link in “quick links” of MyACU.   You will need to use your regular ACU username and password to access it.  If you have difficulty, contact the HelpDesk.



  • Technical support: Call Canvas 24/7 support hotline at (844)469-0694, or choose the live chat function this way: Log in to Canvas, click on “help”, and choose  “Chat with Canvas Support”. Check here to check Canvas status if you wonder if Canvas or a particular feature of Canvas is down.
  • Instructional design support:  For instructional design questions (“Should I use quiz or assignment for this activity?””I am suspecting a student cheating in this exam, can I find out?””Does Canvas have a way for me to …”),  contact Berlin Fang or Amy Boone.
  • For a detailed list of other support options, including submitting feature ideas, contact Canvas community, check here.


You can learn to use Canvas by watching video on Canvas.  Check this page for instructions if you have issues logging into An Orientation to Canvas for Faculty is a self-paced course you can view. Contact Berlin Fang if you need to be enrolled in the course to participate in the activities, or if you want to be unenrolled from the course.

Canvas Tip of the Week:

Students sometimes have difficulty seeing your feedback on their assignments in the document view window. Resizing the window may help, but the window often keeps moving with cursor movements. A better solution is to go to “full-screen view” by clicking on the full-screen icon as shown below. Read more here.