Getting help with Canvas

Call Canvas Support

Chat with Canvas Support

  • Alternatively, log in to Canvas, click on “help” on the Canvas menu, you will then see an option called “chat with Canvas support”. When using live chat, get the URL of the page you have a problem with so that you do not lose time describing where issues occur.

Check Canvas status

  • Check here to check Canvas status if you wonder if Canvas or a particular feature of Canvas is down.

Ask the Canvas community

  • Check here to search Canvas guides, post your questions and find additional Canvas resources.

Submit a feature idea

  • Check here if you want Canvas to add a new feature, or revise an existing one.

Obtain instructional design support

  • For instructional design questions (“Should I use quiz or assignment for this activity?””I am suspecting a student cheating in this exam, can I find out?””Does Canvas have a way for me to …”),  contact Berlin Fang or Amy Boone.

Ask students or teachers questions

  • Use the “Inbox” tool in Canvas to email members of a course. You can email everyone in the course, specific sections, or individual members enrolled in the course, including teachers, teaching assistants or students.