Disable Two-Finger Swiping

Apple computers have trackpads with features to allow you to navigate with finger swiping, which can be useful or annoying depending on how you use them.

When you navigate with the OpenClass gradebook, you will be able to use two fingers to swipe to the left or right to see various columns that otherwise would be hidden from view. This would work beautifully within the gradebook. The names and total grades columns will be “frozen” so that you can see grades for various other columns within the gradebook for various students.

However, the two-finger swiping on the trackpad may also accidentally take you away from the gradebook, as the same gestures also function as the “forward” and “backward” buttons you usually see in an internet browser.

To disable this page navigation feature, go to “system preferences”, find the trackpad button, and then, under “more gestures”, uncheck the box beside “swipe between pages”. This would then allow you to safely navigate in the gradebook without having to worry about being accidentally navigated away from the page with two-finger swiping. You can also choose “swipe with three fingers” from the dropdown menu if you want to use finger swiping to navigate between pages with three fingers, while two finger swiping will be reserved for moving to the left and right of a page.