Mobile Device Reimbursement Forms

The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests is April 1, 2013. Faculty can check their eligibility here. If your name does not show up, but you are teaching this year, you are eligible.

All types of reimbursement require a copy of your receipt plus one of the following forms:



iPhone reimbursement requires only one form:

iPhone Allowance Request form (View the sample form)



iPod reimbursement requires two forms:

iPod Reimbursement Confirmation of Eligibility form

Request for Payment form (View the sample form)


iPad reimbursement requires two forms:

iPad Allowance Request form

Request for Payment form (View the sample form)

OpenClass Course Conversion Form: Summer & Fall 2013 Courses

The Instructional Design team in the Adams Center is here to help you convert your Blackboard courses to OpenClass more easily! To request a course conversion for your Summer and Fall 2013 courses, please fill out this form as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mindi Thompson at ext. 3706.