First Day of Class: A Once-a-Semester Opportunity


College students gathered in a tiered lecture hall.












The first day of class, known by some as syllabus day, is a tremendous opportunity for faculty and students to connect, for students to be inspired, and for a solid foundation to be set. Read this encouraging article from Faculty Focus and think about how you will start this semester!

Science of Learning – Future-Proof Learning: Believing v. Knowing

Do you want your students to –

· Use what they know?
· Want to learn more?
· Persevere when learning gets hard?

These results are more influenced by what students “believe about themselves ” than by what the “know about the content.” Join Bob McKelvain for a discussion of how to help students secure their investment in learning.

ACCESS Keynote Speaker Robbie Melton to host Adams Center lunch

Dr. Robbie Melton, Associate Vice Chancellor of eLearning and Emerging Mobilization Technology at the Tennessee Board of Regents, will host a lunch in the Adams Center on using mobile devices and mobile apps for improving learning, enhancing teaching and increasing retention