Using Respondus to Convert Tests for Use in OpenClass

If you have tests from a textbook publisher it is very likely that they allow you to download these tests into a compressed format that can be directly imported into your course shell with a major Learning Management System. At this point, OpenClass does not handle such imports except in a handful of formats. However we could use a combination of Respondus and CourseSites to make this conversion possible.

To do this, you will need to download test files into a Blackboard-compatible format. Some publishers have such tests already exported for you to download directly from their sites. Others allow you to export on your own, into a format you would like to use. In the latter case, export a test into a Blackboard format. This will produce a zipped file you can save on your local computer, and send to us for conversion.

The Adams Center can then help you to convert such zipped files for use in OpenClass via Respondus. Or we can show you how to make this conversion if you have a copy of Respondus yourself.