Financial Considerations


While the vast majority of financial aid at ACU is distributed university-wide by the financial aid office, the Art & Design department does offer a number of significant departmental scholarships to its students ($500-$1,000/semester).

Spring Scholarship Awards: These scholarships are competitive, awarded based on merit rather than need, and are typically offered as an encouragement to students showing exceptional promise as developing artist and designers. You can view all details regarding these scholarships here.

Freshman Scholarships: However, students wishing for special consideration for scholarships (particularly entering Freshmen and other new students who may not be familiar to the faculty) will have an opportunity to submit a portfolio of recent work as proof of eligibility for this honor. Forms will be provided for enrolled students. For students that are new to the department this year, there will be a portfolio review day scheduled during the first month of the fall semester (Thursday, September 23 in Don Morris 141 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.)


The Art & Design department has a number of positions within the department that are filled by art majors. While these jobs carry the same wage as all student employees at ACU (about minimum wage), they do offer valuable experience and are awarded to outstanding students. If you wish to be considered as an employee of the art department, please fill out an application in the main office.

Positions include:

  • Ceramics Assistant: Responsibilities include maintenance and cleanup of ceramics lab and ceramics yard as well as maintaining materials to be used for classes (mixing clays, glazes, etc.)
  • Woodshop Assistant: Provides assistance in and upkeep of the woodshop. Also responsible for various maintenance, construction, and renovation work throughout the department’s facilities.
  • Archive Assistant: In addition to general office work, the Archive Assistant is responsible for maintaining the department’s slide collection, slide scanning, monitoring department bulletin boards, and typesetting for the gallery.
  • Sculpture Lab Assistant: Responsibilities include maintenance and upkeep of the sculpture lab, sculpture yard, and all associated equipment.
  • Mac Lab Assistant: Provides assistance in the Graphic Design computer lab, upkeep of the lab and mat room, and may be assigned duties related to organizing Art & Design Chapel.
  • Models: Must be available during Figure Drawing classes. Models pose dressed in swimsuits (women) or shorts (men); any body type is perfectly acceptable. This position is offered to all interested students (not just art majors).
  • Departmental Photographer: Uses digital and film cameras to document student and faculty work at regularly scheduled intervals.


Many art classes come with supply charges. These charges cover the cost of materials which are used in class and the amount is set by the class instructor. Supply charges are applied to your ACU account during the semester and will appear on your monthly bill. Tools and other reusable resources are available for use free of charge. In certain instances, special supplies may be purchased through the department and charged to your account; however, this creates a certain amount of additional administrative work so students are asked to procure art materials on their own when possible.