Welcome to the Art & Design Department!

We in the Abilene Christian University Art & Design Department believe that our program in the visual and spatial arts owes its excellence to its faculty, its facilities and its students. Our versatile faculty is made up of award-winning artists, designers and architects; we are leaders in our various disciplines and media, artists that actively produce and exhibit our creative and professional work.

We value our roles as educators: we love to teach because we love what we teach. Our intent is to teach not only by what we say, but in everything we do. To this end, we strive to be educators who motivate, inspire, and nurture – we seek to be true mentors to our students. As artists/designers and educators, we believe that the disciplines of art and design have a unique power to change our world, to make it a more beautiful, generous, rich and open place. Moreover, we are convinced that the world needs more than simply artists and designers; it needs Christian artists: artists/designers that utilize their talent and power of creative expression to proclaim the glory of the Creator.