First Year (Foundation) Review

All Art & Design majors are required to participate in Foundation and Concentration Review sessions before graduation. The first, called the Foundation Review, takes place at the end of your first year as an art and design major during the spring semester. Each concentration has different requirements for their reviews. Those requirements are communicated

These reviews are typically held the Thursday before finals week during the Spring semester. A sign-up calendar is provided within the Canvas course described below.  When you come to your meeting, you will need to have created digital presentation according to the instructions on the Canvas course

Canvas Course

A Canvas course will be created that will communicate the requirements and details of Foundation Reviews. As a part of the course, there are preparation assignments with deadlines intended to prepare you for a successful review.

Here is a link to a copy of the course you will be added to.

NOTE: If you are not notified of being enrolled in the Canvas course within several weeks of Reviews please contact the A&D administrative coordinator.