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Many faculty on campus have been asking for a simple way for  1) students to archive major assignments and projects and  2) entire classes to share reflections or other posts to a central class blog. The new Portfolio Blog system attempts to solve these two challenges. 

Portfolio Blogs have been created for every student on campus to allow them to share their best academic work with a public audience on the web, including:

  • essays, presentations, and other files
  • photography and visual products
  • audio, video, and experimental media
  • research notes, links, and media examples

Your portfolio blog represents personal development as a process rather than a single product, and allows your teachers, peers, and family or future employers a glimpse at how your thinking has been shaped across multiple semesters.

Getting Started

STEP 1: First, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to locate your portfolio blog. You’ll find it by adding your MyACU username to the main blog address: , for example.

STEP 2: To edit blog posts or customize the layout of your blog, you’ll also need to find your portfolio Dashboard. Just add “wp-admin” to the end of your portfolio address: , for example.

STEP 3: Watch the introductory videos below to learn more about publishing content and customizing your portfolio blog.

Videos Tutorials

As part of our first semester supporting portfolio blogs, the Learning Studio developed the following short videos introducing key concepts in managing your first blog.

Introducing your Portfolio Blog  (3 min)

How to Post Content to my Portfolio (2 min)

Customizing my Portfolio theme and navigation  (7 min)

Post by Email for your Blog  (6 min)

Using Categories to submit work to Class Blog  (5 min)

For more specific questions like adding images to a blog post or widgets to your sidebar, see the WordPress Screencasts page or come by the Learning Studio during afternoon staff hours.

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