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We know many faculty have been waiting patiently to begin preparations for the fall. If you’re planning to add a class blog this semester, the following steps should help get you started.

  • For group or professional blogs, request an ACU Blog online.
  • Once your blog is created, you may want to update a couple settings to begin, but you can always change these settings later:
    1. Change the blog name (in Settings->General)
    2. Add your name to the header (in Theme Options)
    3. Add a blog description/intro text (in Theme Options)
    4. Choose between the Standard or Minimal Theme (in Theme Options)
    5. Add a custom header or image (in Appearance->Custom Header)
    6. Customize your sidebar (in Appearance->Widgets)
  • Before getting too far, find a recent photo and add your own avatar. If you’ve taken a campus portrait, you may find a copy here. Once you have a photo handy, follow the instructions on Adding an Avatar on ACU Blogs.
  • Walk through the other support pages in the Getting Started section to help you find your way around the WordPress Dashboard and you’ll be ready to begin posting.

How-To Podcasts:

Introducing the WordPress Dashboard

Adding a Widget to Your Sidebar

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