Internship Programs

Creating a successful internship program involves the following Important elements:

Access to Contacts and Networks

Interns appreciate opportunities to meet a wide variety of professionals within your organization, attend professional meetings with their supervisor, and referrals to contacts in other organizations.

Recognition and Appreciation

When students begin their internship, introduce them to the staff, include them in social activities when appropriate, and most of all give them consistent feedback.

The Right Tools

Amenities such as a designated work area, office supplies, the use of a computer and phone, and a company email account should be available to the intern if appropriate.

Excellent Supervision

Excellent supervision includes a regular meeting to allow the intern time to ask questions, discuss the internship, organizational culture, etc.


Microinternships are paid short-term projects or “gig” work 

Provides immediate value to organizations to get work done
Provides earlier access to students by working together on short term projects
Microinternships require approximately five to 40 hours of work per project
Following are important principles and guidelines for creating and implementing an effective internship program:


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