Marketing CitySquare

ACU students in an upper-level marketing class are applying marketing strategies to CitySquare’s for-profit programs. 

Senior-level marketing students at ACU have joined in a partnership with CitySquare. The 15 students in the fall 2012 Marketing Strategies class divided into three groups, with each group focusing on a different division of CitySquare: the thrift store, the law department, and CitySolutions. All are “for-profit” businesses CitySquare manages to support the overall nonprofit mission of fighting poverty in Dallas.

  1. The CitySquare Thrift Storelocated in east Dallas, provides 20 percent of the organization’s financial budget. Students in this course researched and analyzed other thrift stores in the Dallas area. They used this information to compare prices and processes, ensuring a competitive pricing strategy to maximize profits. The students also advised  CitySquare on store organization, merchandising and advertisements to better market the store.
  2. CitySquare LAW (Legal Action Works) provides multiple legal services at a sliding scale fee basis to those who could not otherwise afford attorneys, including undocumented immigrants. The marketing students working with the law department focused on advertising and promoting the services offered by the lawyers at CitySquare. Many potential clients are unaware of these services due to lack of promotion, funding, and staffing. Students focused on enhancing promotion of the law services program and ensuring that it remains affordable for the community.
  3. CitySolutions offers consulting and resources to other nonprofit organizations. The revenue from this service is applied back into CitySquare and serving their neighbors. This ACU student group developed a marketing strategy to make the community of nonprofits in Dallas aware of the services and the benefits of using CitySquare Solutions to build and grow business in Dallas, all while reducing poverty.