If you had the opportunity to spend a week in the winter wonderland of Colorado learning from some of the nation’s foremost experts on business, faith, and family, wouldn’t you take it?

Of course you would!

Buena Vista, Colorado

What if you got class credit for it?

Well then, you’d already be signed up.

The great thing about this theoretical event is that it is a reality. In fact, every January, nearly one-hundred-and-fifty students from all over ACU’s campus pack up their scarves and coats and head off to Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado to participate in what could well be the most transformative class of their college career.

It’s called Leadership Summit.

Tim Johnston, Assistant Dean of COBA and one of the masterminds behind Leadership Summit, explained that even though Summit is put on by COBA, it doesn’t just view the world through the lens of business. Instead, Summit takes a step back and views the larger picture that makes up our society.

“What are key things happening in society?” Johnston asked. “The family unit is critical to society. Church is critical to society. Business is critical to society.”

Dr. Rick Lytle, dean of COBA, and former COBA professor Mike Winegeart work together with Johnston to bring in renowned speakers who will make these three areas of focus a reality for the students participating in Leadership Summit.

ACU Students at Leadship Summit 2012

Leanne Blair, a senior Accounting major, participated in Summit last year and really enjoyed what the speakers had to say.

“The best part about Leadership Summit is the speakers,” said Leanne. “ACU does a phenomenal job at getting influential speakers to Summit that you get to interact with on a personal level. You’re given the opportunity to hear lectures, ask questions and just hang out with big time CEO’s, presidents and the like, who openly share how they have integrated faith and business. It’s a rare opportunity where you and your fellow peers can grow in faith together… in COLORADO! Oh and there’s great food.”

While the 2013 speaker slate is not yet set in stone, many of this year’s speakers have already been determined. They include the following:

Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, who speak all over the country on marriage, will provide insight into healthy marriages and families.

Glenn Stanton, the director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, who will be working with Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA Consulting Group to discuss cultural trends and their effect on society.

Jarrod Brown, President and Co-Founder of Mission Lazarus, will be speaking about using business as a mission.

John Aden, former president of Mac Tools and a current Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart, will speak about faith in the workplace.

Mike Haley, who has been rated Leadership Summit’s number one speaker over the past several years, will once again be sharing a message on culture.

Rick Atchley, preaching minister at The Hills Church of Christ, will be talking about the necessity of strong leadership in the church.

As always, the diversity provided by Leadership Summit’s speakers is part of what makes the experience so transformational, and when that unique diversity is combined with cool Colorado air and the smell of pine trees, well, lives change.

“When you have a mountain top experience, it’s different,” explains Johnston.

Come experience that difference for yourself.

For more information, be sure to attend one of the Summit interest meetings, where chapel credit will be awarded. The meetings will be held at 11:00 in COBA Room 201 on the following dates:

Wednesday, September 26

Tuesday, October 30

Friday, November 16

Please click here to access the Leadership Summit website (which contains more logistical details), and feel free to contact Nuria Hall at nrp99a@acu.edu with any questions you may have.

ACU Students at Summit 2012