Here are the JP College Football Rankings after the 11th week of the season. (See our first post for a brief explanation of our methodology and find last week’s post here.) After two consecutive weeks of Notre Dame and Clemson at the top we have a new #1 this week, Alabama, after consecutive impressive wins over strong teams: LSU (#19) and Ole Miss (#18). Notre Dame fell one spot to 2nd and Oklahoma moved up to 3rd, bumping Clemson into 4th place. Four loss Tennessee remains in our top 10, largely due to their impressive away performances against Alabama and Florida (#6) a few weeks back. Similarly, Texas is 23rd, almost entirely due to their victory against Oklahoma several weeks ago. Undefeated Ohio State finally broke into our top 10 at 9th place, one position ahead of Arkansas who continue to play well against top teams. Ohio State will play #8 Michigan State in Ohio this weekend. Our model would expect a very narrow home win (4 points or less). The other undefeated teams are Oklahoma State falling one spot to #16, Iowa falling 6 to #41, and Houston rising two to #47. Baylor rose 5 spots to #55 as they apparently performed slightly better in their home loss against Oklahoma than our system expected. The top 50 teams are listed below.


1 Alabama
2 Notre Dame
3 Oklahoma
4 Clemson
5 Tennessee
6 Florida
8 Michigan State
9 Ohio State
10 Arkansas
11 Utah
12 Stanford
13 Florida State
14 Memphis
15 Michigan
16 Oklahoma State
17 Bowling Green
18 Ole Miss
19 LSU
20 Nebraska
21 Navy
22 Oregon
23 Texas
24 Georgia Tech
25 Texas Tech
26 Pittsburgh
27 Washington
28 Mississippi State
29 California
30 South Florida
31 TCU
32 Louisville
33 Wisconsin
34 South Carolina
36 North Carolina
37 West Virginia
38 Temple
39 Minnesota
40 Penn State
41 Iowa
42 Central Michigan
43 NIU
44 BYU
45 Cincinnati
46 Washington State
47 Houston
48 Virginia
49 Virginia Tech
50 Toledo