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Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Cites His Decision in A&E Case in Query Over Libel Laws

by   |  03.22.17  |  Libel

Neil Gorsuch was asked at Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing whether he agreed with the precedent for libel and defamation. More »

Briles Drops Libel Lawsuit Against Baylor Officials

by   |  02.03.17  |  Free Speech, Libel

Former football coach Art Briles has dropped the defamation lawsuit filed against four Baylor University officials that he accused of making false statements against him, according to attorneys in the case.

Source: Briles Drops Libel Lawsuit Against Baylor Officials More »

Melania Trump’s libel suit against blogger going forward

by   |  01.29.17  |  Libel

Trump sued The Daily Mail and Maryland blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley in September 2016 for allegedly false and defamatory statements about her past. More »

Briles sues officials at Baylor for libel, slander

by   |  12.09.16  |  Libel

Former Baylor football coach Art Briles sued three school regents and a vice president for libel and slander Thursday, accusing them of falsely stating he knew of reported assaults. More »

Rolling Stone rape story’s ‘Jackie’ may testify at trial | New York Post

by   |  10.18.16  |  Libel

For the first time since Rolling Stone magazine’s shocking story about a brutal gang rape at the University of Virginia hit shelves two years ago, the public may hear from the young woman at the More »

Kim Kardashian West sues online media outlet for libel | The Seattle Times

by   |  10.11.16  |  Libel

Source: Kim Kardashian West sues online media outlet for libel | The Seattle Times More »

JonBenet’s brother sues pathologist for libel

by   |  10.11.16  |  Libel

Now, Burke Ramsey has made good on a threat to sue for defamation, and he’s going after Spitz for $150 million in damages, reports Courthouse News More »

California (unintentionally?) recriminalizes libel — and criminalizes disclosure of private facts, right of publicity infringements and more – The Washington Post

by   |  07.28.16  |  Libel, Privacy

California’s broadly written “identity theft” statute is being read to criminalize pretty much any intentional tort that uses a person’s name — including ones that no one had expected would be made criminal. More »

Libel by implication, HIV and the porography industry

by   |  07.26.16  |  Libel

  More »

Bozeman legislator sues letter writer for defamation

by   |  07.26.16  |  Libel

The legislator will have to prove actual malice, of course. But the more significant challenge may be the substantial truth doctrine depending on how Montana courts apply it. More »