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If You Seek Britney….

by   |  02.10.09  |  broadcast decency

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Court tosses FCC ‘wardrobe malfunction’ fine

by   |  07.21.08  |  broadcast decency

Court may consider broadcast decency rules

by   |  03.03.08  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

US court rejects FCC broadcast decency limit

by   |  06.05.07  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

This bodes ill for efforts to regulate violence by the FCC. More »

Report urges FCC to regulate TV violence

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

I missed this in February. More »

Redstone hits FCC indecency rules

by   |  10.17.06  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

I don’t necessarily see the networks pulling back on offensive language and subject matter, despite the concerns of Viacom’s chairman.

Of course, I also don’t watch a lot of TV. More »

FCC wants to reconsider indecency ruling

by   |  08.30.06  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

This may be about as confusing as an NYPD episode, but in March the Federal Communications Commission found profane language was used during the CBS program “The Early Show” in 2004, incidents involving Cher and Nicole Richie on the “Billboard Music Awards” shows broadcast by Fox in 2002 and 2003, and various episodes of the ABC show “NYPD Blue” that aired in 2003. Now it wants to reexamine that ruling after hearing from the producers. More »

Fines going up for broadcast indecency

by   |  06.15.06  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

Someone let Janet Jackson know. More »

TV networks, stations challenge FCC indecency ruling

by   |  04.17.06  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

We’ll get into broadcast regulation after the next test. More »

Is Taxation the Key to Curbing Online Porn?

by   |  07.28.05  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

A group of Democrats is proposing a 25 percent tax on porn in an attempt to limit its exposure to kids. The Communications Decency Act and the Child Online Protection Act bith sough to restrict posting of porn where children could access it but both were declared unconstitutional. More »