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Congressman Wants Health Warnings On Violent Games

by   |  01.20.09  |  Video Games, video game violence

Joe Baca’s legislation would require the following warning on violent video games: More »

Study Links Violent Video Games, Hostility

by   |  11.24.08  |  video game violence

California law restricting video game sales on shaky ground

by   |  11.14.08  |  video game violence

The Ninth Circuit heard arguments a couple of weeks ago in the latest case to challenge restrictions on the purchase of violent video games. California makes the same arguement that has been unsuccessful everywhere else — that Ginsberg v. New York’s “variable obscenity” doctrine can be applied to violence as well as sexual content. The problem with that argument is there’s no underlying level of violence that is obscene (and unprotected) for everyone. More »

California violent-video-game law faces showdown in federal appeals court

by   |  10.28.08  |  video game violence

You know, when I started playing Doom in the early 1990s, I had no idea it would precede a great national effort to regulate violence in media.

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Bloomington Paper: Degrees in Video Game Design "Kidnap American Education"

by   |  10.12.07  |  video game violence