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Better Understanding Project

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Do you find yourself frustrated with family members or co-workers? Have you felt your blood pressure rise when you hear ideas and opinions that differ from yours? Are people becoming the object of your anger? Have you ever caught yourself in a rage over something and then realize you really don’t know the issues involved?

We challenge you to do something radical.

Better Understanding Project Challenge

  1. Listen to someone that disagrees with you (on any topic).
  2. Be curious, not critical.
  3. Tell us what you learned.

Seem simple? It is.

You can live out the Better Understanding Project Challenge in a wide-range of settings from public conversations (e.g., political groups, religious groups) to interpersonal conflicts (e.g., family relationships, workplace disputes). Let us know how it goes! Complete the Contact Us form with the subject line “Better Understanding Project” and click on the Submit button. All stories will be kept anonymous.

About the Better Understanding Project

The Better Understanding Project is about cultivating safe forums for sharing interests, explaining positions, and generating possible solutions. It’s about creating a culture of peace wherever you are.

The goals of the Better Understanding Project are to equip people:

  • to be good listeners,
  • to see the humanity of the others, and
  • to see other’s positions in the context of their life experience.


Click on the links below for resources to help you live out the Better Understanding Project.