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West Brain, East Brain


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Sharon Begley

West Brain, East Brain

What a difference culture makes.

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Newsweek, March 1

Terremoto en Chile / Earthquake in Chile


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Al menos 147 muertos por un terremoto en Chile Durante la madrugada de hoy se produjo un sismo de 8,8 grados de magnitud en la escala de Richter; la presidenta Michelle Bachelet sobrevoló la zona afectada; consideró que el país está en condiciones de responder a las necesidades; varias regiones fueron declaradas zonas de catástrofe; desde la Argentina, cancelan los vuelos al país vecino por el cierre del aeropuerto de Santiago | Exterior | Sábado 27 de febrero de 2010

Riding with Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition


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To the Foreign Language Department at Abilene Christian University,

We cordially invite you to the Riding With Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition.  Please join us in an attempt to create an awareness of the multicultural society in which we live through the figure of the revolutionary general Francisco “Pancho” Villa.  This event is a cultural effort for the Abilene Community by Francisco Villa, an ACU student, and the Hispanos Unidos organization of Abilene Christian University.  This event will be hosted on the 9th of March at 6:30 pm.  The Riding with Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition, will take place at the widely known Frontier Texas Museum in Downtown Abilene.  We are proud to bring to history and cultural awareness to Abilene community.

The honor of your presence is requested and appreciated.


Hispanos Unidos of Abilene Christian University

Pancho Villa Flier

Site Hopes Automatic Arabic-English Translation Translates into Peace

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Foreign Language Department blog is here!


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Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages blog!

The aim of this blog is to connect everyone who is associated in some way with the foreign language department: from Spanish and French chapel, to international studies majors, to Dialektos students, to Spanish, French and German students, to faculty.  Expect to find events that are coming up, as well as catch up on what has been going on.  Also expect links to news around the world relevant to languages, literature and cultures.

Initially, faculty, majors and minors will be able to post via e-mail, but everyone should be able to comment on the different articles and create threads.  If someone outside of the three groups named above wants to be able to post, contact “profe Pablo” and he can set you up to be able to post.

Candombe Fundraiser @ Abilene Civic Center


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My name is Eric Mallet, a former student of the Study Abroad experience in Uruguay Fall 2006.  The purpose of this email is to inform you and your department about this amazing opportunity for an educational adventure!  During this event, students and the Abilene Community will be exposed to the style of dance called, Candombe.  It orginated in South America, a country south of Brazil, called Uruguay, I figured that you might appreciate this event.  Information is posted below:
Purpose: To help bring awarness of black history while encouraging teenagers to become leaders in their community
What: Fundraiser for the Carver Youth Council
Cost: $3 for students, $5 for adults
When: Friday February 26th at 7:00pm
Where: Abilene Civic Center

Candombe, style of dance that displays the Afro-Uruguayan struggle through slavery and self expression. Very simple, and ANYBODY can participate. The more people, the more fun and the more people are educated about this genre of music.
We have two rehearsals: 
1) Tuesday Feb. 23rd, at 6:30pm, at GV Daniels Recreational Center off of Treadaway, address 541 North 8th Street
2) Friday Feb. 26th, 5:30pm, at Abilene Civic Center, a hour and a half before the show

BENEFIT: Will Award Service Hours for all time worked for this event for any students needing it, including rehearsals and perfomance time. Any questions, call Eric Mallet (325) 232-0117.

Posted on behalf of Eric Mallet

Paul Roggendorff
Dept. of Foreign Languages
Abilene Christian University
Abilene, TX 79699

Movie Night for English Majors

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Movie Night

Ya están definidos los mejores títulos que llegarán a las librerías


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Ya están definidos los mejores títulos que llegarán a las librerías

Habrá autores clásicos, un libro póstumo de Fontanarrosa y un homenaje a Tato Bores | Cultura | Mi�rcoles 10 de febrero de 2010

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Tomás Eloy fue el escritor que nos acercó a la verdad


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TestimonioTomás Eloy fue el escritor que nos acercó a la verdad Carlos Fuentes | Cultura | Martes 2 de febrero de 2010

English Department Chapel

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Chapel- Eyes of Others