Great Internet tool to study French

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Here is a great resource for students of the French language.
Yann Opsitch
French Instructor

Le Point du FLE is an excellent online gateway to some of the best web
activities for learning French. It organizes its list of resources
into categories as follows: activities; grammar; indicative tenses;
‘other modes’ (such as the subjunctive); specific audiences (such as
beginners, students, children); general resources relating to language
and culture (both in France and the francophone world); and a section
for teachers. The ‘activities’ section links to a variety of resources
that may be exploited more freely by the teacher: for example, links
to sites relating to the geography of France; its history; economy;
politics; and literature. In contrast, the grammar section features
links mostly to explanations of particular grammar points. Within the
remaining sections, the user will find links to interactive language
activities and exercises covering the fundamental areas of grammar
(most exercises are more suitable for beginners and intermediate
students, rather than the more advanced). Easy-to-navigate, with the
language level and source of each resource clearly listed, this
gateway will be of much use both to the teacher seeking to use
web-based activities in the classroom, and to the student seeking
material to assist independent learning.

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