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April 3, 2010

My name is Mark Bolding and I, along with my wife, Zhu Yan, founded CNET in 2005. CNET (China Needs English Teachers) works directly with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE) in Nanjing, China to recruit English teachers for all levels of educational settings. We charge no fees for this service and are not a for-profit recruiting agency. This is our fifth year recruiting for the JPDE and we have had great success the previous four years. In 2009, we helped place 22 teachers in Jiangsu Province schools. I have contacted your department in previous years.

Zhu Yan and I are former teachers from the Jiangsu region who currently live in Houston, TX. We have assisted in recruiting since coming to Houston five years ago as a favor to friends in China who work within the JPDE. We are attempting to secure the best possible teachers for one or two semester teaching engagements. We are seeking dedicated, career minded persons who understand that living and working in China will be challenging, but very rewarding. This can be the opportunity of a lifetime in both cultivating their teaching careers and experiencing the fabulous culture of China. China is at a crossroad in its history and her children and their parents are desperate for English instruction and foreign involvement. For this reason, we recruit each year solely by contacting English and Education Departments at four year institutions in the United States.

Because our recruits will work directly for the Department of Education, there is very little chance of a contractual misunderstanding and, should a problem arise, it will be addressed and remedied quickly. We find that our recruits enjoy their time in China. We have formalized our relationships with some schools to send graduate or undergraduate student groups annually to our summer program or for one or two semester positions. We are always happy to serve as intermediaries in a dialogue between a college or university and the Jiangsu Department of Education.

If you have graduating seniors or instructors who might be interested, please refer them to our website at www.mmbolding.com.


Mark Bolding


8450 Cambridge, #2167

Houston, TX 77054


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