Todd Womble

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Todd Womble

Major: English

Minor: History

Hometown: Abilene

Career Goal: Professor

1. What do you appreciate the most about the ACU English curriculum? I really enjoyed all of the upper-level English classes because of the books that we read and mainly because of my professors. The English professors are all great and they definitely are the reason that I enjoyed my time in the department.

2. Why did you become an English major? After spending two years being undecided, I realized that what I really liked to do was read and write. It just seemed right to be an English major, I didn’t want to be in business or anything else.

3. What advice would you give to future English majors? Take advantage of the professors and also the Literature classes. Don’t be afraid to speak up in class and share your opinions, however different you might think they are from everybody else’s. Even though it is at a small Christian university, the English department is very open and encouraging to new ideas and thoughts.

4. How has studying English prepared you for your career goals? My time in the English department has greatly increased my love for Literature and also for writing about books and stories that I have read, which is a great basis on which I can work to get my Master’s and PhD and hopefully go on to be a professor at a university someday. I believe that there is no greater way to learn than by reading, and no better way to display your knowledge than by writing. Studying English extensively has given me a firm academic foundation.

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