New French Minor Fall 2012

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New French Minor

The Department of Language and Literature  is now offering a French minor.
The French minor requires 12 additional hours of French beyond Intermediate level.
The first advanced French course, FLFR 440, will be offered this fall and will focus on
composition and conversation. It is open to students who have completed FLFR 222 or the equivalent
through testing.

Given the importance of French in the world and on the internet (French is spoken worldwide
by over two hundred and fifty million people and is the second internet language in the world),
this minor is most welcomed. English majors will be interested in this minor as well as foreign language,
art, international business, missions and political science majors. Nursing students wishing to work
in Africa will also find this minor relevant to their career plans.

The instructor for French is Yann Opsitch, a native Frenchman who has lived
most of his life in France and is presently teaching at ACU.  For additional information
or to talk with professor Opsitch write to

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