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CCTE recognizes ACU Language and Literature


Posted March 26, 2014

Four ACU Department of Language and Literature faculty members were recognized at the Conference of College Teachers of English (CCTE) on March 1-3.

Sherry Rankin, instructor of English, won the award for best pedagogy paper in CCTE’s Literature, Film, and Popular Culture section. Her paper on using Tolkien in the British literature survey course will be published in CCTE Studies, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Erin Daugherty, M.A. student, garnered an Honorable Mention from CCTE’s Creative Writing section for her poem “Yellow Stripes Between.”

Sarah Eason, M.A. student, won the Best Paper in Shakespeare Award for her presentation, “‘Where two raging fires meet together’: Constructed Gender Performances of Kate and Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew.”

Dr. Chris Willerton, professor of English, won the Frances Hernandez Teacher-Scholar Award. He was recognized for being an excellent undergraduate instructor and a mentor for many of his colleagues. Dr. Nancy Jordan, ACU professor of English, is a previous recipient of the Hernandez Teacher-Scholar award.

“The fact that we have won two Hernandez awards speaks well of our department,” says Dr. Cole Bennett, chair of the Department of Language and Literature. “While I am quite pleased to be associated with colleagues who win such awards, I am not surprised. The quality of teaching and scholarship in which our department is engaged is unparalleled.”

News Release: Mikee Delony will be next Culp Professor

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Delony named Culp Distinguished Professor

Posted March 21, 2014

Dr. Mikee Delony, associate professor of English at ACU, has been named the James W. Culp Distinguished Professor for 2014-17. Named after the former chair of ACU’s English department, the endowed professorship recognizes Delony as a Christian scholar, role model and mentor.

Dr. Delony says she didn’t start out to be an English teacher – or any kind of teacher. In fact, she went straight from high school to the workforce, and it was years before she began to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

When she started college, Delony intended to earn her B.A. and stop there. But as she discovered how much she loved learning about English literature, she realized she had a gift for teaching it.

“A friend once told me that when you find your gift, it gives you energy,” she said. “That’s what teaching does for me. There’s just so much to talk about and discuss – there’s always a conversation to be had. Teaching is the most wonderful, energizing thing I’ve ever done.”

In 1986, friends and former students established the endowed professorship to honor Dr. James Culp (’49), while honoring a distinguished language and literature faculty member. Culp specified that the income from the endowment be used for research and academic support to allow the recipient to engage in reflection and study of his or her field.

Culp was the first to hold the professorship, from 1986 until his retirement in 1992. Since then, recipients have included Dr. Darryl Tippens, Dr. Gay Barton, Dr. Steve Weathers, Al Haley and Dr. Chris Willerton.

Opportunities for Majors

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The Institute of Reading Development is seeking candidates for summer 2014 teaching positions. We seek applicants with an undergraduate degree or higher from any discipline. We provide a paid training program and comprehensive on-going support.Summer teaching positions with the Institute offer the opportunity to:

  • Earn more than $6,000 during the summer. Teachers typically earn between $500 and $700 per week while teaching.
  • Gain over 500 hours of teacher-training and teaching experience with a variety of age groups.
  • Help students of all ages develop their reading skills and ability to become imaginatively absorbed in books.

The Institute is an educational service provider that teaches developmental reading programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities across the United States. Our classes for students of all ages improve their reading skills and teach them to experience absorption in literature.

We hire people who:

  • Have strong reading skills and read for pleasure
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Are responsible and hard working
  • Have good communication and organizational skills
  • Will be patient and supportive with students
  • Have regular access to a reliable car

We invite you to submit an online application and learn more about teaching for the Institute at our website:

Dr. Paul Varner’s new book: New Wests and Post-Wests

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“In this collection, we see critical approaches to a New West, a West that is a state of mind, not a geographical place but a mythic space with no boundaries and no political inevitabilities. These New Western studies accept the idea of a West that includes Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and, in the case of the US, every geographic and historical point west of the historic founding settlements. The West we study today is a post-West, an idea of the West past the traditional views of an old West dominated by white US nationalism and gendered as uncompromisingly masculine. The idea itself of a single West no longer holds validity. We now understand that all renderings of the West are renderings of multiple Wests; Wests constructed by American nationalists, Wests constructed by EuroAmerican writers and filmmakers, Wests constructed by native peoples, or Wests constructed outside the geographical boundaries of the US.” — (from the cover notes)




Opening Chapel and Pizza Lunch!!!

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Hello all Language/Literature majors!!  Thursday, Aug. 29th, is our opening departmental chapel with FREE PIZZA lunch thereafter in the Core classroom.  Make sure to tell all your departmental friends and come to the feast!

Internship Opportunity

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The ACU Press seeks an unpaid intern to assist with the production and publishing of books.  This person should have an inherent interest in learning the varied tasks associated with textual production, from responding to content and communicating with authors to proofreading and document formatting.  Working alongside current staff, this intern will gain firsthand knowledge and experience of the publishing business, benefits of which will stretch into his or her professional and/or academic future.

For more information, or to apply, contact Robyn Burwell at 674-2761 or

Paris and Normandy: final Study Abroad group trip

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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Fat Tire Bike Tour

Fat Tire Bike Tour

English majors in front of night-time Louvre

English majors in front of night-time Louvre

Sunny Lower Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

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This image is from a village on the northern edge of the famous Port Meadow, a thousand-year-old plot of land where development is strictly prohibited.   The spires of Oxford can be seen in the distance.  This vantage point is a mere 20-minute bicycle ride from the ACU houses.100_0057

Photos from northeastern UK: York, Whitby

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Ruins of an abbey in York.

Ruins of an abbey in York.


Harbor at Whitby, where Capt. James Cook apprenticed as a young man.

Harbor at Whitby, where Capt. James Cook apprenticed as a young man.


Looking over the west side of Whitby.

Looking over the west side of Whitby.

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