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English Department Chapel

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Summer Institute for Literary and Cultural Studies

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Good afternoon!

I work in the PR department for Big Brothers Big Sisters here in Abilene. BBBS is an organization that helps children succeed by matching them with a caring adult mentor. These mentors provide encouragement and make a lasting difference in a child’s life through friendship.

There are currently 133 kids on our waiting list and several of them have been waiting be matched for more than a year.

If you would be interested in volunteering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, please contact me at 325-674-3102.

Thank you so much for helping us help the children of Abilene. Have a great day!

Rebecca Steele Baker

VISTA-Public Relations and Recruiting
Start Something.
Donate. Volunteer. Advocate.
Get Started at

Summer Teaching Opportunity

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The Institute of Reading Development is seeking candidates for summer 2011 teaching positions. We seek applicants with an undergraduate degree or higher from any discipline. We provide a paid training program and comprehensive on-going support.

Summer teaching positions with the Institute offer the opportunity to:

  • Earn more than $6,000 during the summer. Teachers typically earn between $500 and $700 per week while teaching.
  • Gain over 500 hours of teacher-training and teaching experience with a variety of age groups.
  • Help students of all ages develop their reading skills and ability to become imaginatively absorbed in books.

The Institute is an educational service provider that teaches developmental reading programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities across the United States. Our classes for students of all ages improve their reading skills and teach them to experience absorption in literature.

We hire people who:

  • Have strong reading skills and read for pleasure
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Are responsible and hard working
  • Have good communication and organizational skills
  • Will be patient and supportive with students
  • Have regular access to a reliable car

We welcome you to submit an online application and learn more about teaching for the Institute at our website:

If this link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser.

This Summer Reading Programs Publication was sent by the Institute of Reading Development
5 Commercial Boulevard Novato, CA, 94949, USA

WorldWide Witness

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Are you passionate about God?
Do you want to change the World?
Do you want to serve others and share your faith?
Do you want to grow?
If you answered “yes,” then WorldWide Witness is the program for you.  And you don’t have to be a Bible major to participate!

What is WorldWide Witness?
World Wide Witness provides students with practical missions experiences outside of the classroom. Under the guidance of effective, experienced missionaries, you will have the opportunity to develop ministry skills that will enable you to serve God wherever you live and whatever your career.  Internships last 6-10 weeks during the summer months. Apprenticeships last 6-24 months after graduation. The application process begins each fall.

WorldWide Witness Long-term Goals are to:

  • Provide opportunities for young people to hear God’s call to long-term missionary services.
  • Assist young men and women in developing ministry skills.
  • Increase the vision for missions in our churches by equipping the next generations with first-hand experience in cross-cultural ministry.
  • Give missionaries on the field energetic, short-term help with specific tasks on the field.
  • Encourage mission-minded students to network and develop partnerships for long-term ministry.

Brief List of Possible Locations and Activities

  • Campus Ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Spanish Language Studies in Costa Rica
  • Ronald McDonald House for Kids in Leipzig, Germany
  • Orphanage in Accra, Ghana
  • Orphanage in Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Youth Activities & Camps in Brisbane, Australia
  • Youth Activities & Camps in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Remote Village Outreach in Burkina Faso
  • House Churches in The Bronx, New York
  • Inner-city Work in Houston, Texas
  • Dry Bones in Denver, Colorado

For more information click on this link

Contact Information

Larry Henderson 674-3757

Gary Green 674-3782

Facebook:  World Wide Witness


Last English Department Chapel for the Semester

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International Careers with the Department of State

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Susan Jeffers and The Twilight Mystique

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2010 has been quite a busy year for me. My husband and I moved to New Jersey in May. We miss all of our friends in Abilene and it has taken us a while to get settled, but we are adjusting. We finally unpacked the last box just this weekend. We also had our first little one in October. Jacob Nathaniel is the cutest baby in the world.  He brings us a lot of joy—even at 3 in the morning (though I admit there’s less joy than there is yawning at that hour). It probably shouldn’t surprise me to discover that he is, in fact, a real person with preferences and a personality, but it does. We feel very blessed to have him in our family.

Also this year, an essay of mine was published in a collection about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. The editors, Amy M. Clarke and Marijane Osborn, noticed that undergraduates wanted to think and to write papers about these books, but that there weren’t enough critical resources to help these students produce good scholarship. The Twilight Mystique attempts to begin filling this gap. There is a broad range of articles in this collection, considering topics from Meyer’s use of Quileute legends to the economic transformation of the real Forks. Other essays look at Twilight in the contexts of the gothic, abstinence, feminism, and religion. My article, titled “Bella and the Choice Made in Eden,” considers how Latter-day Saint theology intersects with the Twilight series. LDS doctrine on the Fall situates Eve as a hero and an active participant in her own salvation. I argue that Bella can be read similarly. Bella is only a victim when she’s denied status as an agent. I also briefly discuss how the happy ending of the series mirrors aspects of LDS ideas about the afterlife, specifically the idea of eternal families. If you’re interested in buying The Twilight Mystique, you can find it on It is also available as an e-book for Kindle.

Getting this essay ready for publication was a challenging process, but a rewarding one.  I love seeing my name in print as an author! Thanks to Mikee Deloney and everyone else there in the English Department for supporting my efforts. You’re invaluable friends.

God Bless.

George E. Ewing Folklore Lecture Series

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NOVEMBER 11, 2010

Folklore Workshop

3:00 – 4:20 p.m.

Brown Library Room 235

The Way West

The Shore Srt Gallery

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Reception to follow

Dr. Bridges, recipient of TWUs highest teaching honor, the Cornaro Professorship, is in her 40th year of teaching at TWU. A well-known folklorist, Dr. Bridges lecture will include discussions of diaries, the Oregon Trail, the orphan trains, and mail order brides.

In addition to her Folklore interests, Dr. Bridges also teaches courses in Shakespeare, Milton, and American Literature.  Active in the Southwest Popular Culture Association, Dr. Bridges annually chairs the Biography section and actively supports graduate work in the field with the Phyllis Bridges Award for Biography, an annual prize for the outstanding graduate essay in the field of biography studies.

Dr. Bridges has published essays in many collections including Both Sides of the Border A Scattering of Texas Folklore, A Texas Folklore Odyssey, and Between the Cracks of History: Essays on Teaching and Illustrating Folklore.

Dr. Bridges has served as president of the as served as president of the Texas Joint Council of Teachers of English, the Southwest American Cultural association and the Texas Folklore Society.  She has also been named a Distinguished Member of TWU’s chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and a Distinguished Alumna In English of Texas Tech University.

How to Register for classes

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Check for holds—Do this BEFORE the day you register

  1. Log in to myACU.Click on Banner—top left of screen.
  2. Click on Student & Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Click on Registration Status.
  • Make sure there are no holds on your account, if you have one it will prevent you from being able to register on Wednesday.
  • If there is a hold, call or stop by the Depot at 674-2300.

Look up available classes—Do this BEFORE the day you register

  1. Log in to myACU.Click on Banner—top left of screen.
  2. Click on Student & Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Click on Look-up Classes—choose Spring 2011 and hit submit.
  5. Scroll through the departments and choose the one you need (ex. Math, English) and hit class search. (Note that Bible classes are found at BIMM-Bible Test (BIBL), etc.)
  6. Look for the class you need and write down the CRN number; this will be the number following the class name, such as: Fundamentals of Communication—14607—Coms 111-01.
  7. Write down the CRN (14607) for each class.  You will need this when you register.
  8. Make sure to map out your class days and times so that they do not overlap.  The class days and times will be listed below each class section.
  9. Write down several CRN numbers for each class (if you can), so that you will have multiple options in case one of the classes you want to register for is full.
  10. To determine how many seats are available in the class, click on the title of the class, which is linked and highlighted in blue.

Registering for Classes

  1. Log in to myACU.Click on Banner—top left of screen.
  2. Click on Student & Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Click on Select Term—choose appropriate term (Spring 2011)—hit submit.
  5. Click on Add or Drop Classes—if you receive an error message stating you cannot register at this time, make sure it is your day and time to register (see Advising Agreement form we completed).
  6. Enter your advising release code.
  7. Put in the five-digit CRN’s for the classes you plan to take, click submit.
  • If the classes show up under where you have registered, you are done.
  • If you have an error message, that section may already be full or you should check the Common Registration Errors.  If you still have trouble, contact your advisor or try a different section or class.

Common Registration Errors

  • Degree and/or Major Restrictions – Banner Web may tell you that a course is open only for students of a specific major or program. If you receive this message, either choose another class or contact your advisor.
  • Prerequisite Restrictions – Banner Web may say that you lack the necessary prerequisites to enroll in a particular course. You may either choose another class or see your advisor if you believe you have received this message in error. Common prerequisite restrictions follow in the list below:
    • A specific course – the course in question requires another course to be taken first.
    • A test score – the course in question requires an admissions test score or sub-score (such as ACT or SAT) of a certain level.
    • Number of hours – the course in question requires that the student have a certain number of earned hours before the course is taken
  • Co-requisite Restrictions – Banner Web may inform you that the course for which you are trying to enroll must be taken at the same time as another course. You may either sign up for the co-requisite course or drop the course with the co-requisite requirement. You must enter a CRN for both courses before clicking the “Submit” button.