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Advanced French and Spanish Courses

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The Department of Foreign Languages will offer the following advanced courses. During the Summer 2010:

During the Fall 2010:

Click on the links for more information.  We hope to see you in class next summer or fall!

Putting Google to the Test in Translation

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Have you ever wondered about using translation machines for your foreign language classes?  You’d better know what you’re doing (grammatically speaking)!

While these are certainly useful tools for helping you understand a website or a page written in another language, they are not able to produce something you would want to turn in.  As the examples from the New York Times article show, it will certainly be easy for your instructors to differentiate between original work and a machine translation.  See the article at:

Putting Google to the Test in Translations.

Spain’s Cultural Ambassadors Program

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Each year, the Embassy of Spain recruits up to 1,200 junior and senior university students to participate in their nine month “Cultural Ambassador” program.  In exchange for sharing your knowledge of the English language and American culture for 12-16 hours in a K-12 classroom environment (under the supervision of a teacher), they pay a monthly stipend (approximately €700) and provide full medical insurance.  Among other things, it is a great opportunity to further your skills in Spanish, and travel a bit through Spain and the rest of Europe.

For further information and application, visit their website here.

Spanish Chapel


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Hey Everyone!

We will be having our weekly Spanish Chapel this week on Wednesday in Admin 103.

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish – come if you are interested in worshiping in Spanish!


Riding with Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition


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To the Foreign Language Department at Abilene Christian University,

We cordially invite you to the Riding With Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition.  Please join us in an attempt to create an awareness of the multicultural society in which we live through the figure of the revolutionary general Francisco “Pancho” Villa.  This event is a cultural effort for the Abilene Community by Francisco Villa, an ACU student, and the Hispanos Unidos organization of Abilene Christian University.  This event will be hosted on the 9th of March at 6:30 pm.  The Riding with Pancho Villa, Photographic Exposition, will take place at the widely known Frontier Texas Museum in Downtown Abilene.  We are proud to bring to history and cultural awareness to Abilene community.

The honor of your presence is requested and appreciated.


Hispanos Unidos of Abilene Christian University

Pancho Villa Flier