HeadsUp.io Coming Soon

After months of work, we are almost finished with a completely new version of HeadsUp. The new version will have these special features:

  • Public availability using Google logins
  • Android (and others as they become popular) compatibility
  • Better compatibility for any webkit-based browser
  • Ability to save complete conversations rather than just components
  • New URL: headsup.io
A new rewrite like this has to go through extensive testing before being fully ready. We’re currently working on final styling; the current admin interface is functional but lacks the polish of the current version.
We also have to be sure this version is scalable. To that end, we’ve hosted it on a cloud-based service that lets us add resources as needed. More on this in a future post.

HeadsUp Back at ACU

After several months of development by Harv McQueen to rewrite the server portion of the code, we’re back at ACU for in-house support and future development. We’ve run several tests recently and seen excellent performance and reliability and so we’ll be rolling HeadsUp out to ACU again in just a few weeks.