Gabby Brown shadows OB/GYN

by   |  08.15.11  |  Honors Student Achievements, Uncategorized

Through my experience of seeing several different OB/GYN’s and their practices, I realized the innate humanity of the doctors. It may sound strange, but I realized that the OB/GYN’s are people. They each have their own personality quirks and their own idiosyncrasies, even though they practice the same branch of medicine. Don’t think that the miracle of birth, or the business of the office were not interesting and exciting, but my extended time shadowing this branch of medicine allowed me to look beyond the facade of MD, and into the life of a doctor. I believe that this was important for me to see. Because I witnessed the personalities and lives of the Doctors themselves, I have a more through understanding of what it means to be an OB/GYN, to be the doctor that ministers to women in their most personal of moments. I saw the knowledge required to minister in the office, and the skill needed to work in surgery. I saw beyond what a student shadowing a doctor would see and into what the doctor themselves might see, though I lack a few years of schooling. All in all, I think that my decision to shadow extensively this summer was a good decision before I apply to medical school and begin the journey I believe that God set out in front of me.