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HC Showcase 11/6/09

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HC Showcase Luncheon 11-6-09

HC Showcase Luncheon 11-6-09

Interested in studying abroad? Join us this Friday, November 6th, from 12:15 to 1:00 pm in the Adams Center Classroom (just inside the library) for a free catered luncheon. During lunch, honors students Alisha Sneed, Elena Kua, Kelsey Young, Anne Weaver, and Jenny Dodd will share some photos of their experiences abroad this past spring, and we’ll have more info on how to apply for an Honors College Travel Grant if you plan to study abroad in the future.

Any student interested in studying abroad with an HC Travel Grant is encouraged to attend!

To RSVP, please call x2455 or email by Thursday, Nov 5th!

Monday News 10-26-09

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HC News: Monday, 10-26-09

HC News: Monday, 10-26-09

A message from Dr. Ron Morgan in Oxford, England

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Dear ACU Honors College Students,

I am writing you on a sunny October morning from a café that looks onto the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Seville, Spain.  How exciting it is to be in Europe any time of year!

Speaking of Europe, the ACU Study Abroad Program and Honors College invites you to be part of the inaugural semester of ACU’s new Semester in Germany program in Spring 2010.  There are a number of scholarships on offer to reduce the financial cost to you of spending a semester abroad.  If you are an Honors student who was a candidate for an ACU Presidential scholarship, but did not receive one, the Admissions Office offered you a Study Abroad voucher worth $1,500 when you came to ACU.  That offer still applies.  To sweeten that offer, the Study Abroad office is offering yet another $1,000, while the Honors College is offering you a further $500 travel stipend for the Semester in Germany (see Bethany Scroggins’ email of 9/09/09).

This will be a special semester.  The smaller numbers will make for a close student-faculty community and an intimate setting for exploring deep issues that emerge from the region’s political, intellectual, and religious history.  Our group travel will include various important sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as several days in Croatia and perhaps other regions of the former Yugoslavia.  Your study of history and international studies will be closely linked to our examination of Christianity in culture.

What a great opportunity this will be to learn an important European language and to engage with German people, institutions and communities of worship.  While in Germany, students will take 16 credit hours, including German language courses.  The courses offered include:

BIBL 212.S3 Christianity and Culture

BIBH 380.S3 Survey of Church History

FLGE 111/112.S3 Elementary German I and II

FLGE 221/222.S3 Intermediate German I and II

HIST 472.S3 Renaissance and Reformation

HUM 240.S3 Music and the German Imagination (Fine Art Credit)

INTS 240.S3 A Mighty Fortress: A Study of German People and

Culture (Social Science Credit)

INTS 241.S3 Introduction to Global Studies (1 hour credit)

Please contact the Honors College and/or the Study Abroad Office (Ad Building 124) right away to explore this opportunity.

We’d love to have you as part of our first little band to spend a semester in fascinating Germany and central Europe.

Auf wiedersehen.

Dr. Ron Morgan, Director of ACU in Oxford (and leader of ACU in Germany for Spring 2010)