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Honors students compete in Undergraduate Research Festival

The Honors College is proud to have had several of its students compete in the Undergraduate Research Festival on Tuesday!  These students put in a great deal of effort and time into some astounding research projects and deserve recognition for their accomplishments.  Way to go, everyone!

Oral Presentations

  • Ashley Towe
  • McKinley Terry
  • Allison Phillips
  • Annie Bailey
  • Diego Gonzalez
  • Braden Clark
  • Alyssa Johnson
  • Tina Johnson
  • Kristen Clemons
  • John Iragena
  • Amberly Grothe
  • Megan Cromis
  • Lacey Medlock
  • Adam Lubbers
  • David Wall
  • Caleb Orr
  • Nicole Ramos
  • Kalyn Prince
  • Austin Lemmons
  • Christopher Campbell
  • Anthony Brown
  • Hannah Hamilton
  • Kayla Holcomb
  • Amanda Dugan
  • Dominique Rideout
  • Ethan Laster
  • Soo Hun Yoon
  • Ana Arango
  • Rachael Carstens
  • Grayson Hurst
  • Jordan Miller
  • Jaclyn Barker
  • Maggie McAlister
  • Joyce Schuster
  • Savannah Hostetter
  • Hailey Hendricks

Poster Sessions

  • Bethany Richardson
  • Hannah Anderson
  • Mackenzie Harrington
  • Katie Bell
  • Lauren Pratt
  • Caleb Laster
  • Deanna Romero
  • Nicole Ramos
  • Valerie Kocsis
  • Brooke Crisp
  • Traci Bricka
  • Julia Taylor
  • Tim Kang
  • Abigail Rogers
  • Bryan Lim
  • Ian Gunn
  • Nathan W. Daniels
  • Andrew Vun
  • Meagan Songer
  • Victoria Sun
  • Jaclyn Barker
  • Grace McNair


Not only was the Honors College well-represented in the number of students who participated in the festival, several of these students won awards for their projects:

  • Diego Gonzalez & Braden Clark, ACU Theatre Spring 2015 Season Dramaturgy
  • Kristen Clemons, Determining the effect of clpA in the Natural Transformation ability of Aeromonas salmonicida
  • Caleb Orr, The Solid South: Campaign Issue Strategies in the 2014 Southern Senate Races
  • Hannah Anderson & Mackenzie Harrington, This Avoidance is Stressing Me Out!  How Avoidance Contributes to Test Anxiety in a College Population
  • Julia Taylor & Tim Kang, Requirement for the SWR1 complex and Nap1 chaperone after TBP association in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Congratulations on your achievements!  We’re proud of you!