First Justice and Urban Studies Team Chapel Aug31


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First Justice and Urban Studies Team Chapel

This past Thursday generations of the Justice and Urban Studies Team (JUST) students, freshman interested in JUST, and all those interested in social justice met together for chapel. The Zellner classroom was packed with over 45 students. Rachael Kroger and Jacquie Quinterro lead chapel and informed students that in order to come together to bring about justice in the world we have to learn to trust one another. Students then spent time listening to others practice vulnerability within the group. All freshman interested in JUST were encouraged to fill out a mentoring questionnaire in order to be paired with someone interested in similar social problems. If you would like a form, or still have yours, please come to Zellner! You can pick up a new form or drop one off right by the door at the entrance to the offices. Additionally, you can bring papers to the next JUST Chapel on Thursday (9/10). Courtney Tee will be the speaker.