Tales From Abroad: Leipzig Germany 2015 Sep15


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Tales From Abroad: Leipzig Germany 2015

Knowlton 2This summer, I spent all of June in Leipzig Germany. It was truly a life changing experience. I instantly fell in love with the city, the culture, the food, and the people. Since I have been back, so many people have asked me what my favorite part was. I could tell them about some of my experiences. I really enjoyed visiting Berlin and learning about the history of the city. I spent my birthday watching silent films in the park behind our apartments. A few friends and I went to the lake our last night there and watched the sun set over the water. Once it got dark we watched the stars while singing worship songs. I got the chance to swing dance with a German man in his restaurant to a Frank Sinatra song. Knowlton 3All of these experiences have a very special place in my heart and are memories that I will never forget, but I cannot pick just one of them as my favorite. I finally started telling people that my favorite part about the trip was the city of Leipzig itself. It is a pretty big city, with a population of over 520,000 people, but I never felt like I was in that big of a city. Everyone rides the trams or their bikes, so there is never any traffic. The city is so clean and anywhere there is room to grow something, there will be something growing. People there are kind but not talkative unless they have to be. It was just the most unique place I had ever been to. I fell in love with it more and more every day.

Knowlton 1One thing that my friends and I talked about while we were there is how the city really became our home. Dr. Team’s girls always referred to the apartments as their Germany home. We did a great deal of traveling outside of the city as well. We went to Berlin, Weimar, and Wittenberg as a group. I also visited Prague, Salzburg, and Vienna. I had amazing experiences on each of these trips but every time we pulled into the Leipzig train station and I walked out into the city center, I felt like I was returning home.

Knowlton 4        One of the times I was in the train station, I stopped and listened to a band that was playing. I ended up staying until they were done and bought their CD. One of their songs says “And it feels like I am young, and it feels like I am old enough to see the world.” It goes on to say, “It is the best I’ve ever had to feel the freedom and see the world and when you know the distance and the time could never break your love it barely hurts. And it feels like I’m in love, and it feels like I am old enough to know that.” This song encompasses the feelings I have about my trip perfectly. One of the things that our tour guide in Berlin told us about was a song about this man who travelled all over the world but he always had a suitcase in Berlin, meaning that out of all the places he went, he was going to have to go back there. I have a suitcase in Leipzig. Looking back on the trip I know which memories stick out from others, and I know the friends that I made and the things that I learned in class and our excursions, but no one experience can define my trip. I can only say that Leipzig is the most interesting, unique, and beautiful place I have ever been and I cannot wait until I return.