Tales From Abroad: Summer 2015 Oct09


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Tales From Abroad: Summer 2015

oxfordI studied abroad in England and Germany for three weeks during Maymester. The study abroad trip was through the JMC department and the trip was led by Dr. Kenneth Pybus. The class was Communication Law. Our communication law class primarily focussed on the 1st Amendment and its application to mass media today. Additionally, the class attempted to relate Christian principles to media ethics and legal situations.


The communication law class was undoubtedly enhanced by the study abroad experience. Europe, particularly Germany and England, has a rich history of mass media and communication law. While abroad, we visited the Oxford University Press, All Souls College, the British Library, the Gutenberg Press, Wittenberg, and other important historical landmarks in mass communication. These extra-curricular excursions enhanced the class by bringing our historical and legal texts to life with concrete details and experiences impossible in the classroom at ACU.


In addition to the scheduled class trips, we were able to take two weekend trips with classmates. The first weekend four of trekked to Edinburgh, Scotland for three days and explored the city. The second weekend I explored London and the Oxford-area on my own. In addition to the weekend trips, I regularly wandered around Oxford and the surrounding countryside.


Although the class excursions were great experiences and educational, my best memories were from Edinburgh and solo wanderings through the streets of Oxford. Classrooms and museums are great, however when I am in a new place I prefer to wander the streets, alleys, and parks. And so, that is exactly what I did every morning and afternoon before our evening lecture.


I walked through dimly lit alleys, under overpasses, across grassy fields, next to streams, and around busy squares. I walked so much that the only pair of boots I brought, started to fall apart. My bizarre habits undoubtedly confused many of the other students on the trip, but to me, walking a city is the best way to become acquainted. Although my time abroad this summer was brief, immersing myself in the action every day, allowed me to meet people I would have never met, see things I didn’t believe existed, and do things I didn’t expect to do.


The most important thing I learned during this month abroad didn’t have anything to do with communication law or mass media. Instead, I learned that although traveling alone is a tremendous experience and opportunity, sharing those experiences with someoneedinburgh2 you care about is even more fulfilling. The exotic foods, the crazy people, the late nights, the early mornings, the long train rides sitting on the floor, the dingy hostels, the empty streets at 3AM in a city you’ve never seen before. All of these things are great on your own, but when you get to experience them with someone you care about, they are that much better. You don’t have to worry about having fun, you simply live and the fun happens.