Tales From Abroad: Oxford Jan14


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Tales From Abroad: Oxford

Don’t Take Oxford For Granted

Oxford 3One of the major draws to study abroad is the amount of travel you get to do. And it is by all means worth it. Just on my semester we had people go to Ireland, Greece, Scotland, Italy, Sweden, Austria, France, and the Czech Republic, not to mention our class trip to Spain. Each of these places are amazing and beautiful. They are filled with ancient architecture, a fascinating history, and a life-changing glimpse at a foreign culture. However, sometimes with the focus being on which far-away place to go next weekend, Oxford gets forgotten. Don’t take Oxford for granted.Oxford 1

This is the home of Oxford University and its 38 distinct and unique colleges. The City of Dreaming Spires. A place where the likes of John Locke, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, T.S. Eliot, Stephen Hawking, Margaret Thatcher, Hugh Grant, and Emma Watson have all walked. Don’t overlook this beautiful treasure in the attempt to see the “bigger and better” of Europe. Don’t take Oxford for granted.

Make sure you admire the buildings along the road you walk past every day. Stop for a cup of coffee in that cute, local cafe you keep meaning to, but always pass. Walk through parks as often as possible. Find a favorite restaurant with that one meal that you back to all the time. Go study out of the house on benches in parks, random cafes, or quiet spaces. Never go a day without leaving the house. Never opt to do something you can do at home or in Abilene over something unique to Oxford (studying and homework not included of course). Why watch a movie at home when you can explore some of the best museums in the world? Why spend your evening online when you could walk through the streets of Oxford at night? Why order Dominoes when you could discover a new and local restaurant? These patterns are easy to fall into, but you should resist them with all you might. Don’t take Oxford for granted.

Oxford 4You should make these streets your own. You should know the buildings along the roads. You should learn the names of the people in your favorite cafes and restaurants. You should know the walk to the Open Market by heart. Pick a favorite college, whether the reason be the architecture, the greenery, the history, or some other reason. Choose a favorite milkshake from Moo-Moo’s in the Covered Market. Know the name and location of your favorite food truck. Don’t take Oxford for granted.

Like I said before, traveling to foreign countries and even to other places around England is amazing and something you should absolutely do as often as possible. My point, though, is to not forget about the amazing city in which you are living while at home. There is so much to do, see, and explore it is impossible to fit in to a single semester. But you should do, see, and explore as much as you can while you have the chance. Oxford is absolutely beautiful. It has something of interest for everyone, all you have to do is go out and look for it. Don’t take Oxford for granted.