Tales From Abroad: An Ever-Constant Presence Feb02


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Tales From Abroad: An Ever-Constant Presence

PeritoMoreno1When I first arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay, I never could have imagined that a place so new and unfamiliar, on the other side of the world from what I call home, would become a place so near and dear to my heart, a place where I would make memories and build friendships to last a lifetime. I also never could have imagined that during the next three and a half months, I would visit some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on Earth. I had hoped for just as much, but to see it all unfold has been a true gift and an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. During this time of growth and change, I have learned many things, but the most important is this: God truly goes before us and is with us wherever we go.

Prior to studying abroad in Uruguay, I had traveled alone internationally and had used foreign languages in my travels, but I had never left home for more than a month, and I had never been to South America. I felt that I would be somewhat prepared, but looking back, I realize that I knew much less than I thought I did. The quirky part about travel, which I had not previously understood, is that no prior trip or experience can fully prepare you for the next.GrupoElBosqueOmbu

The world, its people, and situations are constantly changing, and with each new journey, there will always be something surprising or unexpected that comes up. In these moments, we have no choice but to turn to the one constant we have, which is God.

As I reflect on the last few months, I can say that I felt God’s presence everywhere we went. Standing in a field at sunset, in the middle of the Argentinian Patagonia, He was there. Hiking up a mountain in the middle of the rainforest, exploring Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, He was surrounding us. On top of a glacier, on the beach in Uruguay, and walking down the street in Buenos Aires, He was there also. As we experienced some of the best days of our lives, and on the days when we woke up feeling homesick, missing our family and friends, our comfortable beds, and not to mention good-quality WIFI and Whataburger, He was holding us in His hand and reminding us of all the beauty and opportunity around us. He also brought our professors, our house parents, Diego and Raiza, and their sweet daughter, Danela, into our lives, and He is the one who brought us all together as family.12132369_10205245287712576_1874858255923585241_o

He has protected us, guided us and stayed with us every step of the way, and for me, I cannot share my experience without telling of the steadfast rock that He has been for me and for all of us. Going forward, I am excited and anxious to see where God leads me next. Whether it is in Montevideo, Uruguay or Abilene, Texas, I believe that God created the Earth for us to explore, for us to find Him around every corner and then share Him with others. The universe is marked with his fingerprint. His hand is in all things. In everything, the glory goes to Him, our truest friend, the Creator of our uniquely beautiful world, an ever-constant presence wherever we may go.