Tales From Abroad: England Adventures Jul19


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Tales From Abroad: England Adventures

After a week or so of being in England, one of my friends, Jonathan, came up to me and Garrett, my roommate, saying he had found 20 pound tickets to a town in Germany called Dusseldorf. As we were all big soccer fans, we looked for a game that would be happening in that vicinity. We located a game between Bayer Leverkusen and Hannover 96 in the nearby town of Leverkusen and bought tickets to the game. Finally, Garrett booked an Airbnb in what he thought was Leverkusen. Yet the trip did not go as smoothly as we had planned it at first. This was due to it being the first trip any of us had actually planned in another country. For some reason, we decided to wait until the night before we left to look up the directions from the airport to the center of dc1Dusseldorf. We were shocked to realize that the airport was a two
hour drive from Dusseldorf. The airport was almost in the Netherlands. Recovering from our shock, we packed our bags and headed out the next day. Upon arriving in the airport we found the bus to Dusseldorf city center and thought we were good to go. When we arrived, however, we realized we had forgotten to look up directions to our Airbnb. Thankfully, there was a tourist information shop nearby, so we walked in there to find directions. We were in for another surprise as it turned out. The worker described out Airbnb as being in a “remote, little village outside of Leverkusen.” Upon hearing this, I immediately picture a village made up of stone house and thatched roofs surrounded by a forest out in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, the guide was able to give us a bus and train route on how to get there. Equipped wit
this information, we headed out to explore Dusseldorf be for finding our Airbnb. This is where the trip started giving us good surprises instead of bad ones. For lunch, we somehow stumbled on a pizza joint that served the best pizza I had ever eaten in my life. From there we were able to find out Airbnb much easier than I was expecting to. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the wife of the couple who owned the place as well as some kind of apple soda drinks and a box of candy. Later that night, the husband greeted us and told us that he could drive us to the game the next day as he was a season ticket holder himself. As if that didn’t shock us enough, he revealed that he actually played for Bayer Leverkusen as a semi pro. We had struck gold on our Airbnb despite its bad location. The next day, after going out for the morning, we returned to the Airbnb to discover that our hosts had given us a bag of bread rolls. As promised, the husband, whose name was Hans, showed up and drove us to the game which Leverkusen won 3-1. dc3He even drove us back afterwards. To top off the whole trip, he brought us a cake later that night before we checked out to head home. What started as a trip filled with uncertainty, ended up being one of the best weekends of my life and giving me memories that would last forever.