Tales From Abroad: Summer in Germany Oct10


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Tales From Abroad: Summer in Germany

This summer I spent seven weeks in Leipzig, Germany learning through course work and being fully engaged in a foreign culture. I learned how to travel with a group of girls, how to interact with people who don’t speak the same language as me, and how important it is to love on all people, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or race. One of the most meaningful experiences I had while in Germany was our group trip to a concentration camp, Buchenwald. Going into this trip I knew it was going to be difficult, but it honestly blew me away. Being in the midst of one of the most heartbreaking and cruel things that has ever happened in this broken world gave me a new Untitledperspective on the suffering that took place not all that long age. I was able to see the pain and torture that happened durig this time in a way that my imagination had not previously allowed me to. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but walking through the place where the blood and tears of thousands and thousands of people fell is an experience that cannot be replicated.

One of the most beautiful things about Germany is the way they are honoring the devastation that happened here during the Holocaust. Everywhere you look in this country you are met with beauty and sorrow. You might see a beautiful field of flowers only to be reminded that you are in the middle of one
of the biggest concentration camps of World War II. TUntitled.png 2he old, beautiful buildings with architecture that will never be seen again are only halfway intact because of the bombings during the war. But in the midst of the juxtaposition of beauty and sorrow, there is a sense of redemption and new beginnings. Germany has turned into a safe haven for refugees from all over Europe. Although there is no way to cover up or make up for the horrible things that happened in this country, the people of Germany are doing the best they can to honor the people that were killed and to constantly remind themselves to never let anything like it happen again.

This trip was filled with history and sorrow, beauty and education. But it was mostly filled with unforgettable and irreplaceable experiences. Making memories with people that turned into family in a few short weeks is something only traveling to a foreign country together can provide. I have never experienced the way people come together so quickly and so effortlessly in any other situation in my life. Whether we were exploring the streets of a new city; Leipzig, Berlin, Vienna, Venice, Wittenberg, Weimar, Dresden, or Prague, or wandering through museums together, or just sitting in a Untitled.png 3café doing homework, the time we spent together will always be some of my favorite memories from this trip. Study abroad is more than just seeing the sights and checking things off bucket lists. It’s about experiencing new things with new people andfalling in love with a culture you previously only read about in books. So, to all the people wondering what my favorite part of study abroad was, it was the people. It was being able to experience all of this with 18 other students, most of whom I didn’t know before we got on a nine-hour flight together, and four professors who quickly became mentors and friends to all of us. Study abroad was definitely a life-changing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.