Tales From Abroad: Leipzig Oct14


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Tales From Abroad: Leipzig

Over the corse of the last 7 weeks, I had one of the most unforgettable times of my life. During this time, I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in ACU’s Study Abroad program in Leipzig, Germany. Through this program, I traveled through numerous cities in Germany and through various countries including Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, and England. I got to see an unbelievable number of things and experience some of the most incredible food and people this world has to offer. In addition to this,20160624_182817 I took two courses over in Germany which were Christianity in Culture and Global Healthcare. Not only did these courses further allow me to expand my understanding of Christianity and healthcare systems, I was able to do so in an environment that enabled me to learn and understand more than I could elsewhere.

Some of the most incredible experiences in my life were had through this program. I had the opportunity to attend the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London aBach and group closeupnd stand in the famous queue to enter the tournament grounds. I also got to go to Budapest in Hungary and embrace the deep and rich history of that city. Aside from all of this, every place I went I had a new experience in the form of food. No matter where I traveled, the food stood out as one of the most unique and memorable experiences over the course of the whole trip. From the schnitzel in Germany, to the lángos in Hungary, each meal presented a new opportunity to be immersed in an unfamiliar culture.

However, the ability to travel abroad would not have been possible without the travel grant offered from the honors college. I would like to thank th20160705_150118em for the opportunity to have this experience