Tales from Abroad: A Summer in China Sep28


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Tales from Abroad: A Summer in China

In my study abroad trip, I went with ACU’s College of Business to China to study about global entrepreneurship and business law. It was a really awesome, eye opening experience and I don’t think there is a study abroad experience that could have benefited me more than China did in terms of seeing things from a different perspective. I picked China because I knew that I would never visit China on my own in the future. I don’t know if it was just the perception that traveling in China would just be hard on my own since they have a very strict, communist government but the appeal to go to China had never really been there for me. So when I heard about this trip I signed up because I wanted to challenge the assumption.

When I got there, I was completely blown away. I don’t know if words can even describe why I was so blown away, but all I knew was that China was not at all like what I expected it to be. The people there were so friendly, so lively, and so up-to-date. I guess I had expected them to appear deeply oppressed because of their government but in reality they just lived their normal lives like you and I. I was constantly amazed at how advanced they were with how much technology play a role in their daily lives, even more so that here in America. To hail a taxi, rent a bike, buy groceries, pay for your clothes,

you had to do it all through one app and pretty much every part of life had some sort of connection through that app. I think the U.S. is going to learn a lot from China in the future in terms of technological advancements. China was just a lot more savvy and efficient that I really expected it to be.

While I was there, I also ate the weirdest food I’ve ever had and the best food I’ve ever had. The food is so rich and diverse that I never had the same thing twice in the three weeks I spent there. I think the weirdest thing I ate while I was there was this gelatin-like substance that turned out to be duck blood.

We stayed in Shanghai most of the time but we also traveled to Beijing where I got to climb the Great Wall and see the Forbidden City, which was really cool. China is so rich in ancient history and it was so interesting to see how everything they did was influenced behind a deep tradition that went along with a unique story. It was a really great experience and I am so glad I studied abroad in China because it changed my view of Asian cultures and has even made me consider going back. I definitely recommend stretching yourself and going to a place you never imagined yourself being in because you’ll learn a lot about yourself and about the world.