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Mobile Learning Survey – Informed Consent

Over the past number of years, ACU has been at the forefront of mobile technology. We are now at a crossroads with technology, with a variety of devices and pedagogical practices available. To continue to meet the needs of students, it is important that we investigate how mobile technology has impacted teaching and learning at ACU. This survey will enable us to make an educated decision on the future of mobile technology at ACU and to:

• identify specific impacts (both positive and negative) of iPad technology on teaching and learning activities,
• examine the use of the iPad in teaching and learning,
• identify specific features (both positive and negative) of the iPad that influence teaching and learning processes,
• identify limitations or problems using an iPad,
• evaluate how well iPad features address teaching and learning compared to traditional personal computers, and
• suggest ways of improving iPad usage in teaching and learning.

By filling out and submitting this survey you have agreed that the information you share can be used for research to determine the effectiveness of mobile technology at ACU. There is no anticipated risk or potential harm to you from participating in this project. You are free to decline or to discontinue participation in this survey at any time. We will keep your answers confidential and all references to the data that students provide will be summative, meaning that we will be looking at patterns and groups, not at any individual.

If you have questions along the way, or if you believe that your participation has had any adverse impact on your experience at ACU, please contact the coordinators of the Mobile Technology Survey:

Marisa Beard, Director of Educational Technology, 674­-2855,

Stephen Rektenwald, Assistant Director of Educational Technology, 674-2457,