Editing Menus

(*Feel free to delete this page when you don’t need it anymore.)

All the navigation for your portfolio blog can be changed to point readers to your best work.

Horizontal Menus. Many themes in WordPress contain some kind of horizontal navigation bar that helps users understand the structure of your portfolio. By default, this menu bar lists all new pages you create, but you can add almost anything to it in any order you like. To create a custom menu, go to the menus tab:  Dashboard –> Appearance –> Menus.

Sidebar Widgets. One other area you can customize to help readers find the content they’re looking for is the sidebar that runs down the right side of the window. Each block of information in the sidebar is controlled by a “widget”. To add, remove, or change the order of sidebar widgets, go to the widgets tab:  Dashboard–>Appearance–>Widgets.

Since we’re already introducing you to the Appearance menu, you might take a few seconds to review other popular elements of your blog you can customize from here. The main thing to understand is you can’t break anything. If you don’t like something you customize, then change it back.

Ultimately your portfolio should reflect something about your personality or professional identity, so spend some time thinking about how you want to present yourself.

Though the Twenty Eleven theme looks pretty basic at first glance, there is a lot hiding under the hood. Before switching to an older theme, you might read more about Twenty Eleven and custom post types. Whatever theme you choose for your portfolio, make sure it keeps the focus on your original content where it belongs.