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Catalog record for the John Ridley Stroop Collection

Books by J. Ridley Stroop
A study of the inaccuracy of scoring handwriting by handwriting scales.  Thesis, George Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee, 1925.
Is the judgment of the group better than that of the average member of the group?
Lancaster, Pa. : American Psychological Association, 1932.
Studies of interference in serial verbal reactions.  Nashville, Tenn. : George Peabody College for Teachers, 1935.
The basis of Ligon’s theory.  Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University, 1935.
Why do people not see the Bible alike? Nashville : J. Ridley Stroop, 1949.
God’s plan and me. Book 1, Jesus’ mission and method. Nashville, TN : J. Ridley Stroop, Publisher, 1950
God’s Plan and Me, How to Inherit Eternal Life.  Nashville, Tenn. : J. Ridley Stroop, 1954.
Syllabus on later Hebrew history.  Nashville, Tennessee : David Lipscomb College, 1960.
God’s Plan and Me.  Nashville, Tenn. : J. Ridley Stroop, Publisher 1950-1961.
The gospel in context.  Nashville, Tenn. : The author, 1961.
The church of the Bible.  Nashville, Tenn. : Author, 1962.
Syllabus on Paul’s briefer epistles and the general epistles.  Nashville, Tennessee : David Lipscomb College, 1965?
Restoration ideas on church organization.  Nashville : J.R. Stroop, 1966?
Galatians : the sufficiency of the gospel without the law.  Nashville, Tenn. : 20th Century Christian, 1971.
The superiority of the Gospel over the Law : (Hebrews).  Nashville, TN : 20th Century Christian, 1972.
Romans : righteousness through faith.  Nashville, Tenn. : 20th Century Christian, 1973.
What shall we do with the new Bible (Revised Standard Version).  Nashville, Tenn. : J. Ridley Stroop, Publisher, [19–?]
The faith that saves.   [Nashville, Tenn.? : The author?, between 1950 and 1970?]
Does love demand or excuse? Dallas, Tex. : Christian Publishing Company, [between 1950 and 1970?]
Syllabus on the epistles of Paul to the churches.  Nashville : [J.R. Stroop?], [196-?]

Additional works cited

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The John Ridley Stroop Collection was entrusted to Center for Restoration Studies in late summer 2013 by J. Ridley’s granddaughter, Mrs. Catherine Rall, of Abilene, TX.

The Stroop Collection is one of those rare collections with breadth and depth in so many areas.  From snapshots to scrapbooks, from audio to letters, from paper to dimensional artifacts, from religion to psychology and back again, and from Tennessee to Texas, this collection was a joy to discover and process.  About the time Milliken Special Collections received this treasure, Kayla Sanderson joined our team as a graduate student worker.  I knew this collection would be a perfect first processing job for her.  She tackled it enthusiastically and did a superb job.  She first assessed the collection, documenting arrangement and provenance.  She then arranged, processed and rehoused all materials in the collection.   Finally, in addition to research and writing, she scanned the items showcased here.  Along the way Donald Simpson provided technical expertise, Chad Longley provided preservation and storage advice, and Mac Ice served as cheerleader and general adviser.

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