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Storytelling with Adobe Spark Video

One of the fastest ways to produce a basic digital story is Adobe’s Spark Video. Whether you begin in a web browser or with their iOS app, you can quickly combine images and audio (though not video) for a basic digital storytelling project.

Whether in the app or on the web, use your ACU enterprise Creative Cloud account to log in:

  1. From the login page, choose Log in Now at the bottom of the window.
  2. At the Adobe ID sign in, type in your MyACU email address including “” then hit TAB.
  3. This should send you to the normal MyACU Sign In window where you will go ahead and log in.

The following resources introduce not only software considerations but the basics of audio recording and image editing whether you’re producing your first digital story or needing a quick review.


Spark Video app

Prefer to use Adobe Spark on your iPhone or iPad?

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Adobe Spark for Digital Essays

If you’re using Spark Video for a basic media project, here are a couple suggestions to showcase your work.

Use Fullscreen Photos

Make sure your images carry their full impact by making them full screen. When you create your first slide, click the Layout button at the bottom right of the photo rectangle and choose “Fullscreen Photo.” This change should carry over to later slides you add to the timeline.

Choose Understated Transitions

One important decision made by your theme is a default transition. Some types of PowerPoint-style movements between slides can be distracting, so you might choose a theme like “Slideshow” that just uses a simple dissolve between images.


Working with Audio

Audio is a commonly overlooked part of a video project. In this short segment, you’ll hear how clear audio can amplify your digital story.

Working with Images

Carefully chosen images can add impact to any digital story. In this segment, we’ll walk through key considerations in which pictures and video clips you choose.