Apple iMovie

Most Macs come with iMovie, but check the Mac App Store for the latest version.


Storytelling with Apple iMovie

Many students and faculty who visit the Learning Studio are new to video editing. Apple’s iMovie software comes free on all Macintosh computers, so it’s convenient place to begin.

The iLife suite–including iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand–is available on any Macs in the Learning Commons or Learning Studio. iMovie was designed around the ability to organize, edit, and share your video as quickly as possible.

The following resources introduce not only software considerations but the basics of audio recording and image editing whether you’re producing your first digital story or needing a quick review.


iMovie for iOS app

Prefer to use iMovie on your iPhone or iPad?

Download the iOS app to get started.

Keep learning with

iMovie Essential Training

A great introduction to the main features of Apple’s iMovie broken down to a series of focused videos.

iMovie for iOS Essential Training

The mobile version of iMovie is remarkably capable for those shooting and editing video on the go.


Working with Audio

Audio is a commonly overlooked part of a video project. In this short segment, you’ll hear how clear audio can amplify your digital story.

Working with Images

Carefully chosen images can add impact to any digital story. In this segment, we’ll walk through key considerations in which pictures and video clips you choose.