Importance of Grammar Check before Sending a Resume

A resume is the first impression of the candidate on the recruiter’s mind. Any flaws and errors in the resume only put the candidature of the applicant at stake. For a smooth selection process, you have to write a flawless resume in the first place. Even if you have pursued an online academic course, a perfect CV is all you need to boost your skills and candidature.  

One of the common set of mistakes that most CVs come with is spelling errors and grammar errors. CVs carrying random mistakes often cast a poor impression on the recruiter’s mind leading to rejection of the profile. Especially the technical knowledge you have must be depicted in a relevant and error-free manner. 

You can consider professional service providers like to check your resume using the free online grammar check tools. A professionally crafted resume, minus any error, is a must for every aspirant who wishes to grab a job.

Here is why grammar check is critical to make your resume impeccable in the eyes of the recruiters. 

Skip Gender-Specific Pronouns

If you address the employer in the resume, not knowing the right gender, skip using a specific one. Settle for generic pronouns to avoid discrimination. Specific use of pronouns often creates a sense of discrimination in the recruiter’s mind. And this can be detrimental to your chances of selection. 

Keep the resume technically correct to avoid every chance of rejection. A grammar check can highlight such uses and make you aware of the errors you may have done unconsciously. 

Subject-Verb Agreement Errors

This is probably the most common variety of errors the resume carries. While writing objectives, synopsis, etc., people use long and complex sentences. Thus, the subject-verb agreement often goes wrong. 

The grammar check tools are efficient and advanced enough to detect all such flaws to make your CV perfect. Hence, a grammar check is always a much-recommended task before sending the resume to the recruiters. 

Errors In Preposition Application

Prepositions lend beauty and meaning to a sentence. If your resume has preposition application errors, it surely would not be par with the industry standards. The wrong use of a preposition can change the meaning of the sentence completely. 

Besides degrading the resume writing quality, it is also one of the parameters that the recruiters consider as incompetency. Especially for high-end job roles, prepositional errors can lead to the rejection of the CV. 

Capitalization Errors

Everyone knows that proper nouns and the first letter of the first word of a sentence needs capitalization. However, while writing a CV, you might miss out on the same. A grammar check tool ensures that you get to detect those faults by highlighting each. 

Capitalization error is a much distinctive error that catches the attention of the reader even before going through the document in detail. Hence, a grammar check is a must for professional resumes to free them from such careless mistakes. 

Choose to take the help of the professionals like to lend your CV a perfect appearance and form.  With years of experience, the experts know the best ways to frame a resume to snatch the recruiter’s attention. 

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