Yesterday an Abilene Christian University student, like thousands of other students at ACU this year, searched the online catalog of Brown Library resources, discovered a printed book or journal that she needed, and then went downstairs in the library to an area of newly installed bookshelves that are motorized to move on floor rails. By pressing a button at the end of one of the 40-foot long rows, the student opened the bookshelves at the needed location, and entered to retrieve and read the needed volume for schoolwork, or just for pleasure.

I recently watched in amazement (and helped a little) as library staff and student workers relocated 12,227 shelves of books, journals and other printed materials onto nearly seven miles of newly installed compact shelving on the first floor of Brown Library. This move of our print collections onto high-density, moveable shelving makes room for new learning spaces being planned on the third floor. It also brought out to the public many printed materials from restricted areas and placed most of the print collection in one location.

by Dr. John B. Weaver, Dean of Library Services and Educational Technology